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January 8, 2018

We are a company that has expertise in producing and developing themes and plugins for WordPress market in Pakistan. Located in Lahore, Theme Icon is a proud initiative to help users’ access products in the form of specialist and innovative themes to aid in their websites. The company provides a range of programming and developing products.

The company develops basic HTML and WordPress themes that are in accordance with the needs and demands of the users. Theme Icon is a unique product development company that aims at building suitable themes to assist users in different functions. These themes have been developed to cover a range of features, are easier and convenient to use by the average web user. These themes serve different purposes and are compatible with devices and basic browsers.

The main aim of the themes are to provide ease to the average users as well as professionals. Theme Icon is a specialist in creating powerful and diversified themes that act as WordPress solutions. The themes are customized and can be used by businesses and basic consumer projects.

The company employees experienced and highly skilled professionals who are proficient in creating themes that can enhance the productivity of businesses. The company focuses both on designing and providing a range of high quality functions that can be handled by users.

A major aim of the company is to provide affordable and economical themes to the population of Pakistan. We believe in building consumer experience and to improve the productivity of businesses through our products.


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