Earning with AdSense

October 15, 2014

AdSense is a web-based system by Google that allows you to generate income from the online traffic you can control. Google generates a huge part of its earnings from other website owners by allowing them to advertise on their search results pages.
This is an auction-based system that works by allowing advertisers to compete for advertising space. Often, the bidder with the highest bid and the best quality work gets the top advertising spot. For every click on these ads, the advertisers pay a certain sum of money.


AdSense is very important in various different ways. Foremost, this is one of the ways for Google as a company to earn revenue. Secondly, it is possible for any internet user to earn money by redirecting traffic using AdSense. This means that it is an income earner. Some people really loathe the idea of paying for a website. Although you cannot avoid this, you can use the same site to generate your income through the use of AdSense.
Let no one cheat you that AdSense is a get rich quick scheme. It involves tonnes of dedication, time and patience. You must also be clever and strategic to reduce the time it takes you to start earning decent money.

How to Earn With AdSense

You can display ads that attract revenue whenever users click or view them. All ads compete in an automated auction system that picks advertisers who offer to pay the most as well as ensure good user experience this is known as displaying ads for content.
Different ads are priced differently. The choice of ads by the traffic you generate affects your earnings, causing them to vary. A key factor in this is the specific content you have on your website.
The amounts of AdSense products you also use affect your earnings with AdSense. Displaying ads on your web pages, providing search to your users among other ways are some of the ways you can earn. The more the products you use, the more your potential earnings are.

How to Optimise Your Site for AdSense

1. Choose a familiar topic
With a topic that interests you, and you are well conversant with, you will never lack interesting content to write. Before you attract any traffic, you must foremost ensure that your content can attract you as well.
2. Provide Original Content
Creativity and innovation to come up with fresh and original content give you an edge as far as attracting and maintaining a fan base is concerned. This will as well give you better search engine rankings.
3. Provide updated information
Sites and blogs that provide outdated information cannot sustain high traffic flow. Over time, people lose trust and interest in such sites and abandon them. Without traffic, you cannot generate any revenue.
4. Add pictures and videos
Visual and multimedia content often attract people more than articles. It is through such that you build a new following, and you maintain the following using the rich content.
5. Format your Content
People often scan through a blog/site before deciding to go through it. Format your content in a manner to intrigue the visitor and persuade them to go through the content on your site.

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