How to Boost Earnings with Google Adsense

January 20, 2018

Google Adsense is a tool by Google that aims to provide users the opportunity to integrate additional means of earning revenue from their websites. Google Adsense gives the users a chance to earn through placing advertisements on their sites. Google gives the sites liberty to select and choose their ads and display them according to their own preferences. Further, users may enjoy other custom options to enhance the presence and productivity of their sites.

Google Adsense not only generates income but also helps the websites achieving a higher ranking and in improving the quality of the websites. This article will provide the site owners with some guaranteed tips to generate more earnings through Adsense.

Tips to increase earnings through Google Adsense

Even if you are using Google Adsense already, these clever tips can guide you to upgrade the AdWords on your site and widen your revenue generation. The key is to evaluate and analyze the site and then follow each step carefully.


An important factor that affects the Adsense earnings depends on the “niche category“. The right category of AdWords will be viewed and clicked on by more number of visitors. While the unwanted categories may provide no benefit on the sites. Common examples include placing ads that may talk about investment, savings and other monetary tips, ads about deals on food, ads that talk about health or beauty.

Whereas, if the site places an ad about education or about the ancient historical accounts. There is a high possibility that the majority of the visitors will click more on the categories of food, money, and health. Therefore, the sites with these categories will benefit more in comparison to the ads regarding educational preferences.


The visibility of the ad plays a major role in the outlook of the entire site. Placing the ads in the right places can increase the earnings. The readability of the site can generate more visitor interest and can significantly increase the number of clicks, generating more revenue. Google Adsense provides the user’s guidance about different formats to arrange the ads on the sites. Better optimization options can provide further room for improvement.

  1.  Size: Selecting the appropriate size for the advertisements can vary from site to site. Google also recommends the correct shape and size for the ads to be displayed on the sites.
  2. Units: Over addition of many links and ads on the site can make a confuse visitors. In order to earn, it is advisable to display not more than 2-3 adwords on a site to highlight them.
  3. Color: The appropriate colors and backgrounds can generate more interest and can maximize clicks. The colors of the ads should also be coordinated with the design of the sites.


Even if the CTR rate for the site is high, low rates of traffic can restrain the earnings. It is necessary to direct traffic towards your site for more visitors to navigate through the site. One simpler method is to increase the ranking of the site in search engines. Here are some of our favorite WordPress Adsense Themes.


Another important way to boost earnings is not to limit types of ads. There is a wide range of ads available including; text or content ads, images, flash, videos and audio ads. This can grab the attention of the visitors and save them time for clicking on the ads.