000WebHost Review: The most efficient WebHost for your site!

February 23, 2018

Web hosting services (both paid and free) are essential for websites to be viewed or accessed via the internet. When looking for a web hosting service for the first time, the best strategy is to try a free hosting service for your website. To make it simpler, we are reviewing one of the best free of cost web hosting service i.e. 000webhost.

Why use 000webhost?

000WebHost is a product by Hostinger; a free web Hosting services using its own servers and connections to provide a stable and quality hosting service for its users.
OOOWebHost also offers a premium plan that comes with advanced features at an affordable price. 000webhost is the pioneer of the free cloud web hosting provider. Their entire infrastructure is based on cloud data AWX technology.

What makes it out-shine the paid web hosting services is its similar features without charging users a penny! So why spend money on something that’s available for free!


One of the most frustrating aspects of using a free hosting service is that it usually clusters your website with ads and banners, which cannot be removed. However, 000webhost stands out among its competitors for providing an ad-free web hosting service.

  • Hosting: 000webhost offers hosting services for websites with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and Cpanel.
  • Sign-up: Users can create free accounts to access the hosting services.
  • Activation: 000webhost activates your sites instantly and of course, without any cost.
  • Builder: A free website builder is provided to help users create their websites. The builder comes with pre-added templates, drag and drop options to make the websites without any codes. (These websites will be mobile friendly and SEO optimized).
  • Space: The free range of features also includes 1000 MB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth space.
  • Uptime limit: Not just that, but the hosting service also offers a 99.9% uptime limit (guarantee). This means the availability of network for the site can be relied upon at all times. Moreover, 000Webhost uses dedicated connections to ensure sufficient bandwidth for all its users.
  • Auto-installer: Once click auto-installer allows users to create blogs, websites, e-commerce stores etc with the help of a few clicks (WordPress).
  • Domain: Domain name of the site is hosted without any charges.
  • Interface: Free of cost Cpanel web hosting for the audience.


000webhost offers users other means of earning as well. One of the simplest and easiest methods is to become an affiliate user by joining the program. You can help us grow and generate extra revenue for yourself meanwhile.

  • Referral link: All you have to do is sign-up for a referral link and promote the link online on any social media platform. This includes your personal sites. As more and more people will sign up for the link, you will start generating money.
  • Banners: Simply, add a banner with a high CTR rate your website. As the number of clicks increases so does your revenue.
  • Rewards: Apart from revenue, you can earn chances for free registration or upgrade plans, by referring clients to 000webhost.


The free plan costs $0 and includes a disk space of 1000 MB, a bandwidth limit of 10 GB and Cpanel. While 000webhost also offers the silver and gold plan for economical prices.

  • The premium silver plan costs $3.49 per month and includes an unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of sites, and a Cpanel.
  • The business gold plan costs $7.95 per month and includes an unlimited disk space(%), unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of sites, and a Cpanel.


The service center of 000webhost is available 24/7 for customer support. However, free web host customers may feel a little disappointed since the agents may not be available all the time. The users can also contact them via the ticket system and they’ll get back to the users within a few hours normally, not bad for a free host.

How reliable is 000WebHost?

For a free host, its reliability really hits out of the park. The users wouldn’t expect a company that doesn’t make money from their hosting packages to offer a good support system. But with 000WebHost, it is not the case. Their system allows for full backups. And a 99% uptime is the cherry on top!

How you can and cannot benefit with 000webhost?

Now that we have listed all the basic features of the hosting service, it is also important to weigh the pros and cons of the service before jumping to a conclusion. Let’s quickly go over the general factors of the service, to make a logical decision.


  1. Price, which is practically zero. There is nothing that you can get for free in the 21st century!
  2. Availability of a great deal of space. This means you can store a whole lot of data.
  3. The most useful option that a web hoster can give, is to create backups for future reference.
  4. Ad-free. No forceful ad displays on your website.
  5. Customer service and email support to assist users as much as possible.
  6. Unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, and disk space for its premium plan.
  7. It provides absolutely free SSL domains. That’s very necessary to get security and reliability.
  8. If users want to switch to a different company, they will be able to transfer all their files, databases, and so on, without any problem.


  1. Uploading of data and files is time-consuming. So users might have to wait for the process to complete.
  2. Security concerns have been raised against 000webhost, which means the websites may not be completely protected.
  3. Sometimes, only sometimes, the server may remove the websites without any prior notice.


To sum it up, 000webhost is a great hosting service that not only is beneficial for the users, but it provides users the chance to use all the features for free. Also, users can earn through additional means by using 000webhost.

Ample disk space and bandwidth for no cost, 000WebHost is worth a try. With an uptime guarantee, a support staff that answers (there could be delays), and even a great affiliate program, everyone has a use for 000WebHost at one point or another.